• First and foremost CLOUD9 JUMPERS is a company that you can depend on.  Timely, friendly service can be expected.
  •  We give you two options for reserving a unit.. 
    •   Reserve with credit card.  Card is not charged
    •   Send in $40 deposit  5 days prior to rental date. 


  • Affordable Rates:  CLOUD9 JUMPERS focuses on providing its customers with the best value possible.  You will find our rates to be inline with the competition if not lower through various promotions.


  • Customer Loyalty discount of $5 for every rental after your first. Coupons can be used in conjunction with this discount.  
  • Inclement Weather:  CLOUD9JUMPERS monitors the weather conditions up to the morning of the delivery.  In some cases we may have to delay the delivery. If cancellation  is necessary due to weather conditions, there is no charge.  If unit is delivered and early pickup is required, the customer is charged a prorated amount no less than $40.  


  • Cancellation Policy:   If you need to cancel for reasons other than weather, CLOUD9 JUMPERS requires 72 hours notice to avoid any charges.  If less than 72 hours is given, CLOUD9 JUMPERS reserves the right to charge $40 or keep deposit.  NOTE:  If we are able to rent the unit out within the 72 hour period prior to your canceled reservation date, no penalty will apply. 
  • Periodically we run ads in monthly coupon books (i.e. Breeze, Grapevine) offering discounts.